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What do the triangles mean on road signs?

Triangular road signs: Triangular signs warn. Road signs in the shape of an equilateral triangle are designed to warn you about the road layout or any hazards that lie ahead, such as sharp bends. They almost always have a red border. Rectangular signs can also indicate bus lanes and congestion charge zones.

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Herein, what does an empty triangle road sign mean?

Triangle inverted means its a GIVE WAY SIGN. Priority is for other vehicles, you can join the traffic unless clear. The next shape you can see is RECTANGLE. You may see it in different colour. Blue, Brown, Green.

what does the red triangle sign mean on the road? A cross-shaped sign is used for railroad crossings. Octagons with a bright-red background are used exclusively as stop sign shapes, and diamond-shaped road signs mean 'Warning. ' Red, downward-pointing triangles are only used to tell drivers to 'Yield' to other traffic at an intersection or lane merger.

Accordingly, what is the Triangle traffic sign?

Downward-Facing Triangles The most common triangular sign is the "Yield" sign. This white sign edged in red is put at intersections where one direction of traffic has the right-of-way over another.

What are the 8 colors used for road signs?

What are the meanings of the eight colors used for traffic signs: Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Black, Green, Blue, Brown? Red -> Stop, Yield, or Prohibited. Yellow -> Warning.

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